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A Think Twice Review of:

The six research summaries supporting the "Blueprint for Reform"

Think Twice - Oct 05, 2010

Publisher/Think Tank - U.S. Department of Education

Author(s) -

Released by the DOE in May, these six research summaries support the education reform proposals included in the Obama administration's "Blueprint for Reform" for ESEA reauthorization.

Reviewer(s) - Clive Belfield, Gene V Glass, W.Steven Barnett, Kevin G. Welner, Paul Shaker, Beth Warren, Janette Klingner, William J. Mathis, Diane Ravitch

Though each of the six reviews has its own specific findings, strong overarching themes emerged from the individual reviews. For instance, each author found the research that he/she examined to be of inadequate quality and that the six summaries made extensive use of non-research and advocacy sources to justify the policy recommendations made.