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A Think Twice Review of:

Fund the Child: Bringing Equity, Autonomy and Portability to Ohio School Finance

Think Twice - Apr 07, 2008

Publisher/Think Tank - Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Author(s) -

This report is the latest in a series which argues that state funding should follow children to the public schools (rather than the districts) of their choice; that per-pupil funding amounts should be weighted according to children’s individual needs and circumstances; and that schools should have flexibility in how they spend the funds they receive. A major goal of these proposals is to end funding disparities within and between districts.

Reviewer(s) - Bruce Baker, University of Kansas

In his review, Baker writes that this report is of higher quality than most past reports on the topic and praises it for avoiding overstatement. However, Baker points out that the report’s primary weakness is its general failure to use relevant, empirical research that might provide policy makers with useful insights.