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A Think Twice Review of:

The ABC’s of School Choice

Think Twice - Sep 24, 2007

Publisher/Think Tank - Milton and Rose Friedman Foundation

Author(s) -

This report, released in the form of a booklet, is designed as a resource for persuading people as to the merits of school choice. The report provides updated information on states that have choice policies in place and begins and ends with a “Frequently Asked Questions” section where the attempt is made to interpret the research on school choice issues for the lay reader.

Reviewer(s) - Christopher Lubienski, University of Illinois

Lubienski’s review finds that this report is based on selective and shoddy evidence and makes misleading and false claims. The reviewer considers the merits of each key factual assertion in the report’s “Frequently Asked Questions” section and points out that there is an overwhelming reliance on a very selective sample of studies from other advocacy organizations that are not peer-reviewed and are highly biased and of questionable quality. Lubienski concludes that the report, as a misleading work of advocacy, offers no useful guidance to policymakers.