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A Think Twice Review of:

Review of Capitalism in the 1619 Project

Think Twice - Mar 23, 2021

Publisher/Think Tank - Heritage Foundation

Author(s) - Samuel Gregg

Recently, the Heritage Foundation published a report, Capitalism in the 1619 Project, seeking to disqualify the 1619 Project curricular materials as insufficiently celebratory of American capitalism. The report primarily asserts that the 1619 Project overstates slavery’s importance to U.S. economic history.

Reviewer(s) - Seth Rockman, Brown University

Seth Rockman of Brown University reviewed the report and found it to be more "ideological handwringing" than a credible historical analysis. Rockman is an associate professor in Brown's history department. As Rockman explains, the report is less concerned with potential students’ content knowledge about slavery than with students’ receptivity to the libertarian policy preferences of the Heritage Foundation.