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A Think Twice Review of:

Review of 2020 Teacher Prep Review: Clinical Practice and Classroom Management

Think Twice - Mar 16, 2021

Publisher/Think Tank - NCTQ

Author(s) - Laura Pomerance and Kate Walsh

The authors of the NCTQ report reviewed over 2,400 programs, including what NCTQ terms "traditional" and "alternative" programs in two areas: clinical practice and classroom management. Only 3% of traditional programs received the highest grade for their approaches to clinical practice, signaling their compliance with the internal standards set by NCTQ. Asserting that a "positive" environment is the product of classroom management, the report offers as a major conclusion that there was a 26% increase in the number of programs that taught five specific classroom management strategies

Reviewer(s) - Jamy Stillman and Katherine Schultz, University of Colorado Boulder

Professors Jamy Stillman and Katherine Schultz of the University of Colorado Boulder reviewed 2020 Teacher Prep Review: Clinical Practice and Classroom Management. They found it unlikely to improve teacher preparation due to its use of invalid measurements, limited research base, and reliance on questionable methods.