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A Think Twice Review of:

Review of Remote Learning Is Here to Stay

Think Twice - Feb 16, 2021

Publisher/Think Tank - RAND Corporation

Author(s) - Heather L. Schwartz, David Grant, Melissa Diliberti, Gerald P. Hunter, and Claude Messan Setodji

The RAND Corporation recently released a report based on a national survey of school district superintendents and charter management organization (CMO) directors (or their designees) about their experiences navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reviewer(s) - David Garcia, Arizona State University

Professor Garcia also found the report to be curiously titled, as the headline is unwarranted by the survey responses. In fact, the respondents expressed much higher concerns about three other areas: (1) “addressing students’ Socio-Emotional Learning and mental health needs” (the area with the greatest need for additional resources), (2) “addressing disparities in student opportunities to learn that result from differences in supplemental supports provided by families” (the most anticipated challenge), and (3) inadequate funding (the top staffing challenge).