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A Think Twice Review of:

Call for Lawmakers to Loosen School Advertising Restrictions Overlooks Real Costs to Students

Think Twice - Nov 19, 2019

Publisher/Think Tank - Empire Center

Author(s) - Peter Murphy

The Empire Center recently released a brief making the persuasive legal case that current policy and legal guidance from state education officials in New York severely restricts the ability of school districts to allow any form of commercial advertising. Because of this, the brief argues, it is more difficult than it should be for these districts to raise revenues from advertising, sponsorships, and naming rights deals

Reviewer(s) - William S. Koski, Stanford Law School

Professor William S. Koski of Stanford Law School reviewed Commercial Cash: How NY Schools Can Raise Extra Money Without Raising Taxes and found that while the brief provides a solid analysis of the legal and regulatory restrictions on commercial activities in schools, it addresses only the revenue half of the equation and leaves out crucial information.