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A Think Twice Review of:

Report Advocating for More Charter School Facilities Funding Offers Scarce Rationale for Doing So

Think Twice - Mar 12, 2019

Publisher/Think Tank - Bellwether Education Partners

Author(s) -

A recent report from Bellwether Education Partners contends that more funding should be given for charter school facilities. Focusing on a series of Idaho case studies, the report argues that charter schools are unfairly denied funding for the construction and renovation of their school buildings. These arguments, while focused on Idaho in this particular report, have been made with regard to charter school policies across the U.S.

Reviewer(s) - Mark Weber, Rutgers

Mark Weber of Rutgers and New Jersey Policy Perspective reviewed Fairness in Facilities: Why Idaho Public Charter Schools Need More Facilities Funding. He found several flaws that undermine its usefulness for policymakers looking to provide an adequate and equitable education.