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A Think Twice Review of:

A review of two reports on early childhood education (ECE) teacher preparation.

Think Twice - May 08, 2018

Publisher/Think Tank - Bellwether Education Partners

Author(s) - Marnie Kaplan / Emily Workman, Lisa Guernsey, and Sara Mead

Two recent reports examined the current state of early childhood education (ECE) teacher preparation at the university and community college levels. Both reports raise awareness about the challenges facing the ECE workforce. A new review out today finds both reports to be mostly sound and useful, although some limitations in research and length were identified.

Reviewer(s) - Adam Winsler, George Mason University

According to the review, the reports rely on thank tank white papers instead of peer-reviewed journal publications. However, the analyses appear to the reviewer to be sound and the conclusions and recommendations were reasonable and supported by the limited data available. The reviewer concludes, “these reports summarize key policy issues that are currently being discussed at multiple levels in the ECE policy community. Figuring out how best to ensure that our preschoolers are receiving high-quality educational and developmental appropriate experiences at ages 3 and 4 is high on the list of priorities for many.”