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A Think Twice Review of:

Do Impacts on Test Scores Even Matter?

Think Twice - May 03, 2018

Publisher/Think Tank - American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Author(s) - Collin Hitt, Michael Q. McShane, and Patrick J. Wolf

A recent American Enterprise Institute (AEI) report attempted to examine the impact of student achievement scores on longer-term school-related attainment outcomes. The report suggested that less attention be given to test score comparisons between traditional public schools and school choice models (e.g., charters and school vouchers). A new academic review out today investigates the consistency of the claims made and the evidence used for the report.

Reviewer(s) - Chris Lubienski, Indiana University; & T. Jameson Brewer, University of North Georgia

According to the review, the report is not consistent with previous school choice advocacy papers, and marks a stunning change in school choice policy preferences. The reviewers find that after years of disappointing test score outcomes, school choice advocates are now attempting to move away from test score comparisons with traditional public schools. In terms of evidence, Lubienski and Brewer find the report to be “riddled with numerous internal inconsistencies in its discussion and treatment of a set of studies that were selected by questionable methods.”