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A Think Twice Review of:

Smart, Skilled, and Striving: Transforming and Elevating the Teaching Profession

Think Twice - Jan 07, 2016

Publisher/Think Tank - Center for American Progress (CAP)

Author(s) - Carmel Martin, Lisette Partelow, and Catherine Brown

This recent Center for American Progress (CAP) report outlined a vision for elevating and modernizing the teaching profession. The report provided ten recommendations for improving the public perceptions and experiences of teachers. However, an academic review reveals several harmful policy reforms in the report.

Reviewer(s) - Elizabeth J. Meyer, University of Colorado Boulder

In an academic review, Elizabeth J. Meyer, University of Colorado Boulder, notes that elements of the report’s recommendations are likely to be beneficial. However, she also finds that the some of the report’s recommendations could likely have the opposite effect by: (1) increasing the surveillance of teachers; (2) reducing the job security of teachers; (3) evaluating teachers based on students’ test scores; and (4) using merit pay systems. The review also finds that the report relies too heavily on popular rhetoric, sound bites, opinion articles, and advocacy publications. In conclusion, Meyer says, “Other than a review of contemporary issues, the report offers little of substance to advance the teaching profession.”