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A Think Twice Review of:

Immersion Not Submersion: Can a New Strategy for Teaching English Outperform Old Excuses?

Think Twice - Dec 14, 2006

Publisher/Think Tank - Lexington Institute

Author(s) -

This report claims that the Structured English Immersion technique mandated by California's Proposition 227 is responsible for a "significant improvement in English proficiency across the state" among English Language Learners. The report goes also asserts that SEI strategies can overcome the effects of poverty and lower per-pupil funding.

Reviewer(s) - Jeff MacSwan, Arizona State University

In this review, MacSwan indicates that the report is riddled with flaws. He points out that neither the data presented nor could the author's analysis of that data support the conclusions drawn in the report. MacSwan indicates that the report suffers from poorly sampled data, inaccurate descriptions of district-level policies, failure to account for alternative explanations of observed changes in district testing data, and lack of any serious analysis of the data presented.