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A Think Twice Review of:

Federal School Finance Reform: Moving Toward Title I Funding Following the Child

Think Twice - Nov 06, 2014

Publisher/Think Tank - Reason Foundation

Author(s) - Katie Furtick & Lisa Snell

The report provided an overview of federal Title I funding, and attempted to examine problems with current funding. The report highlights two bills introduced during the 113th U.S. Congress, which promote portability – allowing funding to follow the child.

Reviewer(s) - Gail L. Sunderman, University of Maryland

In her review, Gail Sunderman of the University of Maryland says “the report is little more than a polemic, using an eclectic assortment of disconnected facts and figures about Title I funding to promote choice and voucher policies.” Additionally, she finds that the report provides no evidence that its recommendations will improve student outcomes, and fails to consider the adverse impact on improving educational opportunities, a key tenet of Title I funding. Regarding the report’s use of research literature, she finds that it selectively cites research that supports its arguments while also ignoring contradictory evidence.