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A Think Twice Review of:

Pluck & Tenacity: How Five Private Schools in Ohio Have Adapted to Vouchers

Think Twice - Mar 06, 2014

Publisher/Think Tank - The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Author(s) - Ellen Belcher

This report highlights perceived challenges facing private schools brought on by the introduction of vouchers and calls for policymakers to strengthen Ohio's voucher programs. It praises the private schools profiled and cautions against state accountability programs that may "trample" on private schools' ability to provide a unique learning experience.

Reviewer(s) - Christopher Lubienski and T. Jameson Brewer, University of Illinois

Overall, the reviewers found the report to be a case-study in how to engage in a slanted selection and interpretation of research evidence. The reviewers note that the report is supported by a total of three endnote references "cherry-picked" to support a contested policy agenda. "Thus, the report is grounded in a twice-skewed and intellectually dishonest view of the research on vouchers and their academic outcomes."