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A Think Twice Review of:

KIPP Middle Schools: Impacts on Achievement and Other Outcomes

Think Twice - Apr 30, 2013

Publisher/Think Tank - Mathematica Policy Research (MPR)

Author(s) -

A recent study from Mathematica Policy Research (MPR) suggests that KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) charter middle schools may actually boost test-score growth by as much as eight months to eleven months over a three year period.

Reviewer(s) - Gregory Camilli, University of Colorado Boulder

Professor Camilli notes that the study was carefully planned and executed. Despite the careful execution, Camilli's review cautions that the results appear to be overstated for two reasons. (1) Translating outcomes into "months" of additional learning is an inexact science and can lead to absurd results if taken literally. (2) Reported measures of effectiveness that take attrition into account are smaller than the estimates used to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of KIPP.