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A Think Twice Review of:

Mayoral Governance and Student Achievement: How Mayor-Led Districts are Improving School and Student Performance

Think Twice - Apr 23, 2013

Publisher/Think Tank - Center for American Progress (CAP)

Author(s) -

A recent report from the Center for American Progress claims that mayor-led districts may use resources more strategically and that mayor-controlled districts have seen increases in student achievement. The report also states that moving to a mayoral-controlled district can also help spur innovation and advancement.

Reviewer(s) - Katrina E. Bulkley, Montclair State University

Reviewer Katrina E. Bulkley finds that the report offers useful information about the shift to mayoral-led districts and the challenges that may arise. However, Bulkley found several limitations during her review, which make the report useless for serious policy discussions.