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A Think Twice Review of:

New York State Special Education Enrollment Analysis Center on Reinventing Public Education

Think Twice - Dec 06, 2012

Publisher/Think Tank - The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), affiliated with the University of Washington – commissioned by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers.

Author(s) -

The report finds that differences in charter and district school special education enrollment rates are far smaller than is claimed in recent federal reports and other literature. It finds disparities between elementary and secondary enrollment patterns, and variation among charter authorizers. The report argues against one-size-fits-all 'enrollment targets.'

Reviewer(s) - Bruce Baker, Rutgers University

Baker's review finds that the report's own findings do not support the main contention that enrollment rates among special education students is smaller than claimed on federal reports and other literature. The review further finds it inappropriate to derive cross-state policy recommendations from data primarily drawn from charter schools in New York City. The report's objective appears to be to convince policymakers across states that it would be unnecessary or wrongheaded to adopt 'enrollment target' policies for charter schools.